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Property investment providing returns of 15% and upwards. 


Operose property sourcing specialise in packaging off - market investment properties in the Yorkshire region. We act on behalf of the investor to find, negotiate and secure the highest quality investments.


 This is simple, you buy a house and rent it out as a single let property. It may be simple, but our B2L deals return a minimum of 18% ROI, making this an incredible investment opportunity. 


A creative strategy which allows you to pull all or most of your initial cash back out so you can invest again. Buy a property for Below Market Value (BMV), add value to it by refurbing the property, then take lending out (Mortgage) at a higher value. By refinancing the property this will pay you back for most of, if not all of your initial investment of the purchase, legal fees and refurb costs. You then rent the property out and get some monthly cash flow, ROI of at least 35% and benefit long term from capital appreciation.


This strategy generates great cashflow. Instead of renting the property out to one person, it is rented out to 4, 5, 6 or more people on a room by room basis. All bills are included for the tenant and as such the property will rent out for a far higher amount than on a single let basis. For this strategy you will need to find more tenants but you will be rewarded by a much greater cash flow. Our deals return a minimum of 25%.


How it all works... 

  1. Sign up to our VIP list by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

  2. Once we've received the application, you will receive an email from us to let you know you have started the application process and we will need you to answer a few simple questions to complete the process to join our VIP list.

  3. Next we will arrange a phone call consultation to discuss your specific needs and to ensure we understand exactly what you’re looking for so that we can find you the best deals!

  4. Once complete we will then be actively looking for investment properties that match the criteria that we have set out. Each property will go through extensive due diligence and expert negotiation so that we can find the best deals possible for our investors.

  5. As soon as we secure a deal that fit’s the criteria we will package this with photographs, area stats, figures and comparables to set out a clear picture for our investors.

  6. The package will then be sent out to our exclusive VIP list of investors.

  7. We will then act on a first come first serve basis. The first person to reply to the email will secure the deal.

  8. If this is you then you will receive an email with the following:

  • Terms and conditions to protect you and us  

  • Invoice for the sourcing fee

  • List of documents and information needed to progress to the next stage 

  • The option to arrange a phone call with ourselves to discuss the deal and ask any further questions that you may be unsure of.

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